The plateau des Lacs


It is like "the sea in the mountains"

.... on these high meadows, close to the Monts du Somail and l'Espinouse, sometimes the snake-eagle glides. Here, between green and blue, in this scenic landscape, peats and forests, hikers take the ancient road of the pilgrims of St. Jacques de Compostelle and walk on between La Salvetat sur Agout and Anglès, along high stately trees in open landscapes. In very green surroundings with the rivers the Arn, the Agout and the Vabre lie four lakes which form together " Le plateau the Lacs". Lake of Laouzas, Lake Saint-Peyres, Lake du Vesoles and Lake la Riviege. Located in the center of the Park, these plateaus du Haut-Languedoc offer also all pleasures of is like "the sea in the mountains" : Lac du Laouzas, Raviège, Saint-Peyres, and not in the least the splendid site of the Saut de Vésoles, where, on a distance, the Mediterranean sea shines ... Here a lot of water postages can be practised. In Saint-Peyres you can practise several water postages, in Laouzas you can deliciously swim, canoeing and sailing. In the surroundings you can also climbing , bicycles/mountainbiken, riding a horse, walking and fishing etc.

The lake of Laouzas
This superb lake lies in the middle of in the hills of Lacaune and offers several touristic activities. The lake of Laouzas lies in the middle of a forest area at 800 meters altitude and has a surface of 400 hectares. You can swim there, sails, surf, water bicycles, canoe...and it is deliciously quiet because high-speed motorboats, jetski's etc. has not been permitted. Also if you love fishing, are you here on the right spot: in the summertime you can buy a temporary license and even there are hiring rods and rowing boats. This more is an old, still functioning reservoir, of which the dam 50 meters long is. In the summer some days there have guided tours. Around the lake you will find several different camp-sites from small to large.

The lake of Vésoles
Also well-known as the most roughest of the regional park du Haut Languedoc. Situated on more than 1000m altitudes, it hangs above the valley of Jaur. This is a ideal place to make beautiful day excursions around the lake, by foot or with the bicycle. In the surroundings nothing has been built by people, here nature is still king.

The lake la Raviège
The nature at this lake is impressive beautiful. An extra charm are the beautiful small spots located at the edge of the lake. The lake of la Raviege has a extensive nautical basis where you find a sailing school and several material for rent, pedalos, surfboards, canoes, high-speed motorboats etc.


The lake of Saints Peyres
The lake of Saints Peyres is most untouched lake of all lakes. This lake has a footpath what it makes possible to discover the periphery of it. The path course beside or slightly removed itself from the lake with the enormous high bank. Also forest is ubiquitous and in all seasons you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. You can fish, walk and simply become amorous at the nature.