The Sidobre


A sculptured landscape

The Sidobre, land of granite, is unique in Europe for its fascinating rocks. Here, time no longer matters. Here, the incredible creativity of our planet has expressed itself in all its strength; over millions of years nature has formed one of the most important deposits of granite in Europe.


Sidobre Here, within hills, forests and mountain streams unusual boulders of granite are to be found, evidence of the forces and mystery behind a planet in formation. Guardians of enigmatic secrets, these strange monoliths have inspired the most magnificent legends. Here, granite has always directed the course of civilisation. Cathedrals and tomb stones, roads and bridges, castles and cottages... granite and people sharing the same history. Today more than ever, granite is the source of their inspiration, their work and their wealth. Here, you are in the heart of the "Green Country" of the midi region. Welcome to the Sidobre, land of granite.

300 million years ago, molten magma produced from rocks in fusion was trapped several kilometres down under a high range of mountains (Hercynian Range), of which today there remains only the Massif Central, the Montagne Noire, and the Sidobre. The mountains have been eroded. 15 million years later, the magma cooled to form a crystalline rock composed of 3 minerals: mica, quartz, and feldspath.

Sidobre Today, to simplify matters, one could say that the Sidobre is a block of granite measuring 10 km in length, 10 km in width, and 10 km in depth. The visible surface being fissured by erosion while in depth the rock is still a solid mass.

Runoff from rainfall, drainage and infiltration creates a perpetual flow of water through the fissures eroding the rock by breaking off sand-like minerals and carving the boulders into extraordinary shapes.