The Somail


Plateau between mountains and lakes

In a well-preserved environment, within the regional nature park of the Haut-Languedoc... Here, the mountain air is filled with the scent of our majestic trees (conifers, oaks, beeches, and chestnut trees). You will also find gurgling brooks and wonderful tracks for you to hike, bike or ride on a horse-back.



The pure, rarefied air of the Somail and the valleys of the Arn and the Agout take care of the a pleasant medley of the Atlantic and Mediterranean climates. Finally, the whispering mountain streams full of trouts will remind you of the reality of our gastronomy, very well treated in our mountain area. Whatever you are looking for: restfulness, nature, relaxation, recreation, sports, or gastronomy, just open the door to the Somail.





   Source : Le Plateau des Lacs, Magazine Touristique