The Montagne Noir


The different faces of the Montagne Noir

montagne-noir Less known, but not less interesting is the low mountain chain on the north side of the accidentend plain, called the 'Montagne Noire' or the black mounains. With its extensive forest and pleasant microclimate pre-eminently in warm summery the sanctuary for the french. The montagne noire is a small, mountain chain (approximately 35 kilometres of east to west and 25 kilometres from north to south), globally between Carcassonne and Mazamet. The highest point is the Pic the Nore with 1214 meters. Geologically the montagne noire it is seen the most southwest embranchement of the massif central; in the north east it proceeds in the Monts l' Espinouse. With the monts of Lacaune further to the north forms the Parc Régional du Haut - Languedoc.

montagne-noir The highlands marks the dividing line between the atlantic type of climate (sea climate) and the mediterraan type of climate. Of west to east and from the north to south the Montagne Noire shows us two entirely other faces: on the north you will find slopes with concentrated conifer forests, on the south slopes you find tame chestnut groves and the so-called brushwood, bushy vegetation of the oak, lavender and thyme. By the passage between both there is a very abundant vegetation and wildlife.