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If you want to advertise at it is possible now. What must you do?
You only have to create a account directly afterwards you can make your personal advertisment. You can change personal information, tarifs, photo's, and text at any moment. Just by 1 click.

Below our 4 advertisement possibility's at

  1. Advertisment for Free
    • Free advertising = make a free advertisment of maximum 200 characters, possibly in 3 languages, with 1 photograph. We hope you will keep your advertisment up to date. Thats why we ask you to change your advertisment once a year (photograph and or text). If within 12 months no modifications have been introduced we let us preserve ourselves the right for to remove the advertisement of PageLoisirs.
  2. Make a advanced advertisment for only € 15,-
    • Promote your company, accommodation('s) or activitie(s) advanced with text and photo's.
    • A advanced advertisment at has beside the free advertisment many extra's;
    • Advenced advertisments will be Higher placed listned.
    • Better promotion by advanced extra text to add in 3 differant languages (possible).
    • Beside de free photo you can add 5 extra photo's - total 6 photo's.
    • Manage your own account, to adapt or change personal information is possible at any time.
    • Keep your personal information up to date and your advertisment will be higher placed.
    • A advanced advertisment will costs only euro; 15,- per advertisment, per year incl. TVA.
  3. Create your own personal WebPage(s)and let see who you are € 40,-
    • A WebPage is a free advertisment + a advanced advertisment and the following extra's;
    • You will get the arrangement over your own personal WebPage(s) (possible) in 3 languages.
    • You can create your own personal style in a WebPage, logo, photo's, coleurs and text.
    • Your WebPage is directly visible and to modify on
    • Manage your own personal account information, change and adapt any time you like.
    • Keep you personal information up to date and your WebPage will be higher listned.
    • A personal WebPage creation is just € 40,- per WebPage, per year incl. TVA.
    • Would you like to have more than 1 WebPage? Each WebPage costs € 15,- per year incl. TVA.
  4. The catagorie house(s) for sale will cost € 25,- per advertisment, one year, incl. TVA
    • Private or Brokers offers for sale (house, farm house, chalet, villa, construction ground ect..)
    • Company offers for sale, (camping, farmer company, hotel, restaurant ect..)

A short translation of a free advertisment costs € 5,- incl. TVA (btw) per language per advertisment.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us a email contactform

Rules for creating and placing a advertisment .

  • You must place a description in the advertisement title and the advertismenttext corresponding to that what you offers.
  • Place your advertisment s.v.p. in correct catagorie. Make a different advertisment for each service, accomodation or product and place these in the best catagorie.
  • Placing double for free advertisments has not been permitted. Double advertisements will be removed.
  • It has not been permitted placing advertisments on differently than by indicated.
  • It has not been permitted to add photo's at an advertisement which is not related to the offered product.
  • Before a paid advertisement expires you have the possibility of extending the advertisement again, against payment.
  • If a paid advertisment is placed, and the conditions not correctly, the advertisement will be removed and there will be no refund of the already payed amount.

Conditions and rules for placing an advertisment at .
Actions in fight with our use conditions and/or the policy rules of will result in the following actions; preserves the right to exclude any account in use of the site if you act in fight with the conditions and/or rules of, preserves the right of to take closer Right measures against you and damages to require.

Not observing the conditions and/or policy rules of can result in the following actions (with or without preceding warning):

  • Removing of your personal advertisment(s)
  • Removing of your personal account

Examples of summary offences of the use conditions and/or the policy rules are:

  • Users of whom strong suspects exist that they acting in fight with our conditions and/or the policy rules,
  • (Free) double placed advertisments,
  • (paid) advertisments that do not correspond with the applying payment conditions,
  • advertisements in which prohibited or suspected objects and services are offered,
  • users who approach advertisers for own products and/or services (spam),
  • advertisments which have been placed in the wrong catagorie.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Please contact us contactform aims of supplying information about tourist services, trips, holiday addresses, companies and activities which occur to be and if is housed in the nature park The Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc situated in the South of France. is a product of ColoriQ © The information on the services, accommodations, activities and companies has been composed by the advertiser. ColoriQ is not responsible for the contents and correctness of the individual placed advertisements and of page('s) placed at, nor responsibly for the impact of the use of the information.